Renee Johanna

renee johanna

"You truly are an amazing gift to anyone that has the pleasure of crossing your path. You've guided me in ways that you'll never know. You've helped me to understand what is truly important in
life, LOVE! Thank
YOU from the
bottom of my heart!"


"Excellent! Thank you. I have to say that at a time when I had been really doubting my decisions (along with others doubting) you came along and confirmed my feelings and beliefs. I really appreciate it. I really needed the confirmation that I was doing the right things.
I was glad that you remembered me.
Thank you." ---Rich

"Hi Renee, I don't know if you will remember me but I saw you in Jerome for a quick 15 minute dream reading. You were able to validate the healing work I have accomplished throught a dream about my ex husband. I don't know how you do what you do but I have never experienced anything like it. You seriously blew my mind in a very good way.
Thank you!" ---Barb

"Renee I just want to thank you again for the encouragement and the love, understanding and compassion you showed me just in the short time we spoke to each other. To ge that close in communion with two like spirits was an incredible experience, thank you for reminding me of just how valuable the gift of love is."---Brent

"A powerful message about self discovery and ultimately self Love! This book is the story of one woman’s journey out of the dark into her gift and power. The book is an “easy read” but contains powerful examples and even more powerful messages of how much we have forgotten, and how to recover our gifts and personal power.
Highly recommended!"---Bruce

"AMAZING book! Such a great read with so much detail and information... I loved every page of it. As I was reading I literally felt like I was hearing you talking right to me ❤ love love love it! Thank you so much"---Cheyenne

"For anyone suffering with self esteem issues, depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship issues or confusion about where you fit in this crazy world,this book is for you! Renee thank you for all you do and all of your selfless acts of kindness."---Angie